Tips for making a stellar PR and marketing resume

10/20/2021   •   Profession news
Tips for making a stellar PR and marketing resume
When you have experience working in public relations and marketing, you need to be strategic when creating your resume. On one hand, your skills are easily transferable between positions, and your accomplishments in both departments can be relevant to a potential employer. 

However, PR and marketing are entirely different departments, so you need to prioritize one over the other. You’ll want to prioritize highlighting any of your work that matches the position you’re actively seeking. Here are some quick tips for creating a resume that showcases your abilities in both PR and marketing in a way that communicates your relevant skills to potential employers: 

1. Utilize resume templates 
2. Be mindful of NDAs you’ve signed 
3. Identify overlapping skills and accomplishments 
4. Follow basic resume best practices 

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