Two million for ideas that drive changes

09/27/2023   •   Customer news
Two million for ideas that drive changes
The Local foundation Pancevo, in cooperation with the company CWP and its subsidiary Vetrozelena, announces a competition in order to financially support local initiatives that will make positive changes in the territory of Dolovo and Banatsko Novi Selo. The tender allocated 2,000,000 dinars for initiatives that are thematically divided into seven areas. The competition is open until October 12, 2023. 

The competition is planned to support, with a total of 2,000,000 dinars, initiatives related to empowering young people and their education, empowering women, supporting art and culture, health and well-being, investing in the knowledge and skills of the community, as well as initiatives related to infrastructure. 

’This competition is an ideal opportunity for people to come together and do something for their environment, their town, and their neighbors. Together we can do much more, and seemingly small changes actually have a great benefit to our everyday life. We all feel better when we see something arranged, learn new things, and brighten the day for ourselves and others. I encourage everyone to send us their ideas because the citizens know best what their town needs’, said Natasa Lendjel, president of the Board of Directors of the Pancevo Local Foundation. 

’At CWP, we are inspired by the opportunity to contribute to the progress of the communities we work with. During the development of the Vetrozelena wind farm, we achieved great cooperation with the communities in Dolovo and Banatsko Novi Selo. Together with them and our partners, we designed and implemented numerous initiatives aimed at empowering young people, women, beekeepers, and many other local associations and organizations. We also implemented a number of environmental initiatives together with the youngest and provided support for sports, culture, art, and many other areas. We recognize the enormous potential of these communities and we are working to, now in partnership with LFP, continue to support, promote and implement ideas that bring positive and lasting changes,’ said Tijana Gajic, CSR and HR Lead of CWP Europe. 

The Local Foundation invites residents who ever have thought that it would be good to restore something, hold education, or beautify the green area, but have not been motivated so far, to gather a team of people and come up with an idea. 

’By participating in the competition, you get financial support and guidance. You are not alone in this process. The Local Foundation expert team will be there to resolve doubts and questions, help with challenges, as well as to celebrate joint successes. For participation, experience is not important, but your idea, sincere desire, values, and effort’, added Marina Balaz, program coordinator of the Pancevo Local Foundation. 

The Pancevo Local Foundation supports citizens' associations and informal groups that actively operate on the territory of the City of Pancevo – urban settlements and/or populated areas, initiate and involve citizens in their activities, represent the general interests of their community, have an annual income that does not exceed 1,200,000 dinars (for the association) and do not have access to significant funds from other donors or are not directly connected to international agencies and funds. 

During the selection of initiatives, care is taken to ensure that the initiatives propose and implement new and innovative approaches in joint action. Those interested can find all additional information at LINK.