Unilever donated products worth five million dinars

04/22/2020   •   Customer news
Unilever donated products worth five million dinars
Unilever has donated nearly five million dinars of Domestos, Dove, Signal, Lipton and Knorr brands to numerous risk-averse agencies across Serbia that are affected by the effects and consequences of the coronary virus epidemic. In total, more than 6420 bottles of Domestos product have been delivered, intended and recommended for proper disinfection of surfaces both in public health facilities and in households.

In addition to Domestos products, Unilever delivered more than 14,000 boxes of Lipton teaspoons for temporary hospital purposes, while VMC Karaburma delivered 1000 sets of Signal toothpastes and toothbrushes, as well as 297 Dove liquid soaps. All donations were made in cooperation and with the support of the B92 Fund.

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