Ways PR firms can improve their security

07/01/2022   •   Profession news
Ways PR firms can improve their security
All businesses are susceptible to cybersecurity threats in one way or another. These threats continue to grow and it has left people wondering how to navigate them. However, there are some businesses that face graver risks because of what they do. One of these is public relations. You cannot be lax when it comes to cyber security. Once you’re compromised, there’s a likelihood that it’s too late. A lot of companies that have been victims of data attacks and breaches have no choice but to shut down operations for some time. A PR firm is as vulnerable as any other company. Better security entails looking at the bigger picture and attending to any vulnerability. In that light, here are some of the ways PR firms can improve their security. 

1. Educate employees about risks 
2. Update security software 
3. Secure remote accounts and devices 
4. Evaluate who has access

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