What Happens in an Internet Minute?

11/18/2021   •   Profession news
What Happens in an Internet Minute?
In our everyday lives, not much may happen in a minute. But when gauging the depth of internet activity occurring all at once, it can be extraordinary. Today, around five billion internet users exist across the globe. With the amount of data and information in the digital universe effectively doubling every two years, it’s fair to say the internet minute has gone through some changes over the years. 

What happens in the internet world every minute of the day? 

• TikTok users watch 167 M videos 
• Google conducts 5,7M searches 
• Instagram users share 65k photos 
• Facebook users share 240k photos 
• YouTube users stream 694k hours 
• Zoom hosts 856 minutes of webinars 
• Teams connects 100k users

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