Who if not us, when if not now!

06/08/2022   •   Agency news
Who if not us, when if not now!
The Chapter 4 team had the opportunity to attend the conference "SparkMe 2022 Fueled by dreams", which was held last weekend in Porto Montenegro, Montenegro. 

The well-organized and very inspiring business conference gathered a large number of outstanding lecturers and guests from all over the world. Pete Blackshaw opened the event and spoke about the two great passions of young people today, namely GREEN and GAMING, which have the potential to unite and gemify the topic of climate change. Sir Paul Collier, the author of the famous book "The Future of Capitalism", which talks about the crisis of modern capitalism, spoke about how we learn from new situations. This was followed by masterful performances on the quest to create an extraordinary experience through communication - Victoria Taylor, on the charms and opportunities of the Metaverse, Dean Johnson spoke, then AI and deep learning - Christof S. Penn. 

You can read more about the impressions from the first day of the conference in the report of the official blogger of the conference Miloš Đajić at the link.