Why can't we afford to neglect public relations anymore

05/31/2021   •   Customer news
Why can't we afford to neglect public relations anymore
Desanka Landauer, Marketing Director at McDonald's Serbia, spoke for Profit magazine on the topic of the increased importance of public relations and communication management in the modern world. 

"Planned activities of communication management and PR strategy bring solutions and benefits that affect the quality of business, and are the result of needs arising from the great instability of modern business and great competitiveness. 
Communication management and PR combined with marketing are certainly one of the most effective ways to create marketing strategies and build a good reputation. Communication is essential in all areas of business, from customer relationships to branding and from team organization to productivity and efficiency. 

Currently, as the world goes through the biggest health crisis in a period of hundred years, communication has proven to have never been so important. When the world almost stopped in March last year, internal and crisis communication helped information reach every employee, every guest of our restaurants, our partners quickly. 
The technology has contributed a lot to the smooth communication during the pandemic, regardless of the time zone or location. However, without the ability to see or read the interlocutor's body language, for example, it is not easy to determine the tone of a message or email. And because of this, the skill of knowing how to communicate effectively with either a team member, a client, or a target market is a skill that many want (or need) to improve and enhance. 

Communication will continue to play a key role in successful business. ”