Why PR pros should write in AP style

09/09/2022   •   Profession news
Why PR pros should write in AP style
The AP Stylebook is set by the Associated Press, but is largely considered the Bible for most journalists, regardless for what outlet they work for, across print, digital, TV and beyond. Most journalists will have a dog-eared, coffee-stained copy of the fat book sitting on their desks for easy access (or else a login for the online stylebook). The style is designed to prioritize clear, concise language. 

No, not every outlet uses AP style. However, AP style is followed often enough that it creates a common, consistent logic most journalists recognize and understand, even if they don’t use it. If you regularly pitch publications and aren’t sure what style they use, ask! Some sites publish theirs online for easy access. Ultimately, using AP style in your writing follows the most fundamental rule of communications: know your audience. Speak their language. For thousands of journalists, AP style is that language. 

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