Why research is PR’s secret sauce

09/14/2022   •   Profession news
Why research is PR’s secret sauce
We all know journalists are a skeptical bunch. They get dozens — if not hundreds — of pitches from PR people every day promising a “great story” that will “really resonate with your audience,” though those leads hardly ever pan out. Why? Because our PR pitches often miss that little extra something that indicates the news we are sharing really will resonate outside the four walls of our organization. Doing consumer research is a great way to add that context, but it’s often underutilized. Some of the strategies are: 

1. Strengthen an announcement - Use statistics, people bring a naturally wary lens to press and marketing materials, but believe that numbers are harder to spin 
2. Make news when there is no news - Research can also stand on its own as an announcement 
3. Research is also an opportunity to work more closely with journalists - However, avoid biased data 
4. Don't tell people what they already know - A quick Google search can tell you if someone’s already published something similar recently 

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