The world’s most expensive plate of food

10/16/2017   •   Profession news
The world’s most expensive plate of food

Today is the World Food Day and Mastercard, alongside UN's World Food Programme, presents the results of the new research Counting the Beans, which indicates huge disproportions in food cost and average daily income around the world.

In rich part of the world a simple plate of food, such as rice and bean stew, makes tiny percentage of daily income - in state of New York this meal costs US$1.20, which makes 0.6% of average daily income. By contrast, in South Sudan, the worst-ranking country in the study, for the same plate of food people give 155% of their daily income and when it compares with New York income, a plate of rise and bean stew costs 268 times as much, that is 321.70 dollars.

Follow this link to find interactive graphics and compare prices of regular meals in different countries: