Youth Policy Forum 2021: How healthy are young people?

11/16/2021   •   Customer news
Youth Policy Forum 2021: How healthy are young people?
Krovna organizacija mladih of Serbia is organizing the Youth Policy Forum this year as well, and the participation and support of the Forum was provided by the „Hello Twenties“ platform, a project realized under the auspices of the company Galenika AD Belgrade.The Forum will bring together more than 70 young people from different parts of Serbia, as well as relevant actors and institutions in the field of youth policy, health and public health, who will equally develop mechanisms for joint work and activism in the field of youth health. 

The previous 2020 and the current 2021 are the years in which the lives of everyone, and thus the lives of young people, were marked by the Covid-19 pandemic, which significantly affected health in all aspects. For this reason, this year the focus will be on the health of young people, and it will be the central theme of the Forum itself. 

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